vrijdag 3 december 2010

The life and times of gus Part II

Gus the proud and slightly stupid obliterator recounts my campaing battles for you)

Dear diary

Today we went afther more of data on the stc. Lord Neaad's spies informed him that plague marines and imperial gaurd wher looking through some old ruins near our position.

Why those two where working to gether is beyond me. Not the be out done Lord Neaad tricked some of those high tech wielding aliens into helping us. We fell upon those imperial gaurd like a thunderbolt from a clear sky. Those aliens sure know how to bbq cause i liked the way thy toasted those imperial gaurd.

Strangely enough the imperial gaurd seemed quick to rally. And went on the coutner offencive. I realy didn't see much of that. I was trying to melt some plauge marines. Hmm hot plasa death. Of course the cowards hugged the terrain like crazy. Now what funn is that.

Well in the end I manged to shoot them anny way. Lord Neaad had a little run in whit the plauge marine leader. Some other choas lord. I don't know what happend but it think the smell allone drove Lord Neaad off. Few Few that plauge marine was a real stinker. Afther hiss smell had overwelmed Lord Neaad. He chopped up the spies lord Neaad had ussed to find the location. Then he came afther me. I fired my melta gun at him. I mean there is nothing like total disintegration when trying to take care of a bad smell.

In the end i think the engage ment was a draw. The plauge marines where no more, and most of our allies had fled. So we disengaged.

Those high tech alliens sure pulled a number on lord Neaad tough. When we tried to download the data we had caputered. We got a message that the datta was beeing used for the greater good, and that we could acces it by submitting to thier Ethernal. What a load of nurgling crap is that. Next time is see those fools they can have some greater good to the face.

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