vrijdag 3 december 2010

The life and times of gus Part II

Gus the proud and slightly stupid obliterator recounts my campaing battles for you)

Dear diary

Today we went afther more of data on the stc. Lord Neaad's spies informed him that plague marines and imperial gaurd wher looking through some old ruins near our position.

Why those two where working to gether is beyond me. Not the be out done Lord Neaad tricked some of those high tech wielding aliens into helping us. We fell upon those imperial gaurd like a thunderbolt from a clear sky. Those aliens sure know how to bbq cause i liked the way thy toasted those imperial gaurd.

Strangely enough the imperial gaurd seemed quick to rally. And went on the coutner offencive. I realy didn't see much of that. I was trying to melt some plauge marines. Hmm hot plasa death. Of course the cowards hugged the terrain like crazy. Now what funn is that.

Well in the end I manged to shoot them anny way. Lord Neaad had a little run in whit the plauge marine leader. Some other choas lord. I don't know what happend but it think the smell allone drove Lord Neaad off. Few Few that plauge marine was a real stinker. Afther hiss smell had overwelmed Lord Neaad. He chopped up the spies lord Neaad had ussed to find the location. Then he came afther me. I fired my melta gun at him. I mean there is nothing like total disintegration when trying to take care of a bad smell.

In the end i think the engage ment was a draw. The plauge marines where no more, and most of our allies had fled. So we disengaged.

Those high tech alliens sure pulled a number on lord Neaad tough. When we tried to download the data we had caputered. We got a message that the datta was beeing used for the greater good, and that we could acces it by submitting to thier Ethernal. What a load of nurgling crap is that. Next time is see those fools they can have some greater good to the face.

vrijdag 19 november 2010

The life and times of gus the obliterator (part one)

( Gus the proud and slightly stupid obliterator recounts my campaing battles for you)

Dear diary

Today we went up into the hills form our landing site.Lord Neaad says we are looking for the SCT whatever that may be. I think he want’s to use it to lure more warriors to fight us . I guess he likes to keep himself entertained. So we went into those hills I realy didn’t like that. I mean it is hard enough dragging around enough weapons for a whole armie on my own. Now I had to do it uphill while in the mud. Anny way after a few hours we arrived on small plato. There where ruins of some ancient city there. Acrous the city we soon spotted some blood angles. Now there is a enemy we like to fight. Just as hard and just as tough as marines, but full of rage. I would say they are quick to anger: easy to trick easy to taunt. The perfect enemy. They where there for the SCT aswell i guess. But what’s so imported about that? Can it shoot stuff i don’t think so! Can it smash stuff I don’t think so! I think I rember that those things where a great price back in the day when I still was a techpriest. But frankly I don’t care anny more.

Well after seeing that those fancy pants noticed us, we took up position on the edge of some buildings. Those bastards where sure quick to hide, using there jumpacks to hide behind cover. So we just made it a waiting game. Repositioned our selves so that we could take them out, as soon as those cowards showed themselves. To our surprise we where soon attacked by weird looking humanoids, they where part man part machine. Well kind of like me I guess but then without the deamon extra’s. At first we thought them to be blood angle lackeys, But al to soon we realised they where attacking the blood angels as well. So it became a three way battle.

We kept our lines and whit disciplined fire mowed these newcomers down. The blood angels for their part where lured out of position. I had the perfect shot lined up but some of those things distracted me. I think they where calling me names.... urlhgaaula is a name right? Anny way my first shot mised, frustrating me to no end. Lord Neaad made short work of the distractions, so I blasted of a other shot. OOOOOOOH how I love plasma. It's so sweet to see the enemy melt into a little pool of slag. The bubbles form melting power armour are so cute. I could get a other shot of whit my lascannon a few minutes later nothing like saying someone burn to crisp in mere seconds So delight full.

Anny way I think by that time lord Neaad found out the blood angels where looking for something in the rubble of the city. Apparently there was some data on the STC there. Of course such a prize must be secured so he moved forward. While I moved in for support some of those things started shooting me. I think they where throwing spears at me. I killed those gitz right quick whit a couple of rapid plasma shots. But more of them kept coming they all seemed to have it in for me. Maybe they found me familiar? It didn’t end at spears tough, they also shot rockets grenades and all kind of energy weapons at me. They even had the guts to attack me in close combat. They could morf various weapons from their cute little arms. Enough to scratch my armour any way. They did make nice red fountains tough when I crushed their cute little body’s whit my claws.

I think that while I was amusing myself whit them the blood angels had found what they wanted. They had to fight of a couple of those things as well, but where now retreating of the battle field. Neaad also had found some data on the SCT is some ruins. And we just had to clear up some of those savages before we could pursue. I burned a couple of them just for some variation. But i don’t really like toasting people. Not that it’s not amusing to watch. Cause dear diary it really is but it tends to leave a smell. JUk.

Anny how I think I am going to enjoy my time here. Since lord Neaad summond me I have fought two space marine chapters. You know there are also the ones in grey greenish armour that we fought yesterday. They looked nurgelisch to me but Neaad ensure me they where loyalists. Mwa the melt al the same. And of course today we had those savages. Those were nice to kill, maybe we get to kill some more of those later. To bad they don’t leave those nice slug pools that marines do. Just not enough armour.

So dear diary I hope tomorrow we get to kill some more sutff. Can’t wait to melt burn and evaporate some more people.

donderdag 18 november 2010

My storm raven

Well i have beent talking about it a lot during the last few post so it thought it would be a good idee to give you some pictures of the stormraven.

So here it is in all it's purple glory

You might ask yourself why the hell is it purple ? Well all my loyal marines are purple (look at the razorback) Thy are part of my own chapter the dawn's children. I liked the idee of having my own chapter. My own chapter colour(purple) and my own chapter symbol a rising sun. Because purple is my favorite colour and it is one of the colours associated whit the rising sun it seemed like a natural choice.

Well it doesn't work so well on large models (or i can't paint like shit)

Hmm it might need some more work doesn't it.

Anny way even tough i am not realy proud of the paintjob i am pleased whit the conversion on a whole. The thing is when the new store opend in Eindhoven, I saw the one the crew of the gamesworkshop store in Roterdam had build as a starting gift. And i tought wow that is realy awsome. And i just knew i had to build one my self. One hondred euro's later i had a landraider and a valkarie kit . In one club evening of kit hacking drilling and ripping I smashed the thing to gather. And whitin one week i had painted the thing. It shocked me a bit that i did it that fast. On fryday i had nothing and on wensday my new flying doom machine was ripping up eldar.

So how does thing play.
Well for thos intrested it is a awsome glass cannon.
Fielding one of these will ensure that every gun in the enemy armie is homed in on it on turn one. So don't expect it to survive for long. But of course if it makes it to turn two, the havoc it can cause is awe inspiring. Not only are it's pasangers very deadly but its not a bad gunship on it's own. Power of the machine spirit is nasty on a fast skimmer. You can get that twinliked melta gun in 2d6 rang from 36 inches away. That is nasty.

Mostly my plan goes like this

1 Turn one move flat out towards the most expansive tank in the enemy armie and shoot at it whit the melta gun.
2 Turn two disembarke the deathcompany and the dreadnought and move them into combat.
Shoot a tank met the melta gun, and shoot infatry whit the assault cannon and bolters.
3 keep shooting until it gets destroyed.

Sadly i still think that the current army I have does not realy support it verry well.
Mabye i should build a second one so i can dubble up

dinsdag 16 november 2010

Getting into the fluff

Hmm ok so maybe that title is a bit suspect but hey at least it’s a title. Lately I have been playing in a campaign at the local game store. The campaign starts you out whit just 250 points to spent on your forces and only a HQ and a troops slot to do so on. Even more annoying you only get to buy a single upgrade for each unit. The concept is that you need to play your games well to earn extra slots for units en extra changes to upgrade your army. I do think the no upgrade clause is a bit lame seeing how modern armies come whit their charters in full gear, and older armies need to upgrade all their charters for scratch. Apart from that I am havening lots of fun. The campaign awards your troops exp that you can use to upgrade you troops Most of these upgrades are fairly crap except the vehicle ones, those are overpowered like hell1. But since you can’t use vehicles yet it’s hard to care.

But those exp upgrades are not what makes the campaign fun for me. It’s getting a sense of story that does it for me . I try to write small stories that are kind of like a battle report after each battle. This gives me the feeling that my army is really on a quest during this campaign a quest for a SCT apparently. Well at least that’ s the campaigns narrative. But that ‘s not what I feel my army is interested in. My army is there to engage in honourless combat whit my foes, killing and murdering them by using every dirty trick in the book. I am using my alpha legion for this one. And as we all know all the alpha legion is interested in is proving that they are the best space marine legion ever created. I really like the alpha legion, the whole outsmart your foes and them beat them into bloody pulp theme really attracts me. I always find that force should be applied whit smarts not just brawl. You won’t find me playing world eaters that’s for sure2.

Now I have been working on upgrading the look of my chaos forces. The point being to try and make them as offending as possible to put of my opponent. Alpha legion never being to shy to fuck whit their enemies heads. I have also been creating some new models like my new chaos lord Neaad3.

Lord Neaad is dressed in power armour sutible for all your marine killing ocasions

Ultra marines? Lord Neaad says : Just say no!!!!

While I was doing that I made a discovery about my self. I found the reason why i like playing warhammer. Now if you would have asked me what my motivation to play was two days ago my answer would be thus. I like the gaming aspect of it: the challenge of overcoming the opponent the thrill of the fight and i would have been a fucking liar. I mean if all I wanted was a good game I could have been playing magic. Where I don’t need to paint hundreds of little men. Or even better chess where there is no luck involved in the game and every victory if achieved by skill alone. Now while I did like magic I suck at chess. And I don’t care about either any more.

The cold hard fact is that I do like playing whit little men. While I am painting a new model I see it move in full motion in my minds eye. Stabbing and shooting it’s enemies. I even have to confirm the fact that when I am alone in my room where no one can see. I make pew pew noises running around whit my stormraven pretending it’s strafing my orks. Sad but true.

Any way that’s why I am enjoying the campaign so much it’s a chance to build some new units for my alpha legion and really get a feeling for the fluff of my army. Crafting a story of my army’s rise to power, or fall from grace whatever may be the case.

1: Maybe that’s because the guy writing the rules plays imperial gaurd.

2: although I do use khorne berserkers they are just to good to pass up WRAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH

3: Yes that’s a reference to Daan seeing how he beat me at the GT by his name alone.

zondag 24 oktober 2010

OK people so I went to the Dutch GT (grand tournament).

I had a blast I’ll try and put up some battle reports in the next week (if I can remember how the battles went).

Anny how four of us went to the tournament but only three of us made it to the finish. The best player of the group ended up whit a lovely lady when he went out after the first day. So he didn’t show up on day two1 (to bad he had a shot at best general). One of us BOB (yea the guy who went whit me last time) won the great gamer award. That is the award for the most friendly player who made sure that his opponents had the most fun .I think they should rename that award the silver tong award cause Bob did some serious sucking up to his opponents so that they would rate him highly.

Me displaying my dispare at the state of the world because of Bob's win (also i do need a haircut don't i)

But I still think he deserves it more than anyone else. Why? Because not so long ago Bob was considered one of the most annoying players in the whole wargameing club. It even came to a point that some members wouldn’t even play against him any more. (and still don’t) Now that is harsh if you ask me. But Bob has come a long way I since those days. Not only has he become a much better player he’s also much more relaxed. Now I could say that is because of my good advice and exemplary behavior but that would be stroking my own ego (yes it’s a lie I know). Well maby it helped a little bit. But I think it mostly comes because he became a better player. When you know what your downing you are much more secure and there is less need to argue about the rules. Some times you can even let some rules abuse on part of you opponent slide cause you know you are winning. Also he can be a quite charming guy some times and the gods now he does make me laugh (oh and scare the shit out of me some times but let not discuss that on the internet shall we2)

For myself I think I played pretty well all things considered but I should drop the tank fetish soon cause it is starting to affect my army building in a bad way. I am starting to take tanks over everything even if there would be better choices if I give it some more thought. I did enjoy playing whit the stormraven tough. It can be a really effective model. And is also very forgiving to bad play cause it is 12 al round and a fast skimmer so you can get away whit a lot more than you would think since it is kinda hard to destroy3.And the fire power it can bring to bear on a unit is just shocking 230 points well spent if you ask me maybe I should make a second one?

Ill try and put some more pictures up whit my next blogs.

That’s it for now I’ll post some more later this week.

Btw Congrats to you Bob

1: We call this the Gt curse If you own on the first day something will come up that will prevent you from coming the second day

donderdag 21 oktober 2010

Getting ready for some Ass whooping.

At least that is what i should have been doing. This weekend sees the Dutch GT. Normally the highlight of my gaming year. But his year I just don't seem te be able to get into it.

I think the problem is thus: I am going to be playing whit a army I don't really like. When I go to these things I like to go prepared1. Normally I make my army list way in advance, giving it a lot of thought then I spent a few months playing whit my list and testing it out. This year I did that I planned out my space wolf army from start to finish took it out for a spin during the battle of the clubs. Improved it got a few practise games in. Won a few smaller tournaments whit it. And then I made a stromraven,
Yea that's right the Bloodangel dropship. And now I want to show it off of course. Problem is I only see 2 a 3 types of armies working well whit a stormraven in it.

  1. A multiple stormraven list but alas I only got the one.
  2. A storm raven backed up by a strong fire base. But that I don't have2
  3. A storm raven backed up by multiple scout units. Again same problem.

So now I am stuck whit a army list I don't like

1 Liberian +1 honour guard unit
1 razorback

2 units of 6 assault marines whit flamer in a razorback (these are just cheap cheap)
1 eight man death company unit
1 death company dread.
1 Chaplain
1 baal predator
1 predator anhilator

1 vindicator.

Off course this could work against certain armies but I am not to big a fan of it.
Mostly because is think it lacks enough marines. Of course I could have switched the vindicator and the ball predator for more assault units but than I would have to paint even more models. (not owning to many marines whit bolt pistol and cc weapon and no jumppack.)
So I guess the only thing I will be doing this weekend is showing off my cool storm raven conversion3

But maybe this is a good thing. When I go to these kind of things I tend to get so caught up in being competitive that I forget to enjoy the event . So now that I don't feel like I can be, maybe that I can finally learn to enjoy it more4

Well that's it for now.

1: Well I always need to paint something on the day but that's tradition
2: At least not painted
3 And hiding my awful dreadnought conversion
4: Well I do enjoy the winning just not the losing most of the time

dinsdag 7 september 2010

Oh good lazy Bum………… oh yea and go trolls.

So what have i been doing all this time

Being a Lazy bum that's what1. Seeing how I was of work for 6 weeks (working in education rocks man) I kind of got out of my routine and didn't update in some time.

So what have I been doing. Well starcraft 2 for starters. I seem to be completely hooked on the game2 Apart from that I started constructing my new empire army. Hopefully whit the new rules I am able to win a game whit my empire forces. I think my track record whit empire is the worst of my whole gaming club.

Apart from that its been pretty stale on the wargaming front and I haven't played in weeks.

Oh no wait Trolls that's right Trolls. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the troll factions book and some new Troll models. In anticipation of that I decided to enter a Warmachine hordes doubles tournament whit Bob3. We would enter whit my cygnar and my trolls.(Bob stopped playing warmachine some time ago and sold his stuff) Now we did that for 3 reasons

  1. I got cygnar and Trolls
  2. I wanted to use Trolls cause thy are awesome sause
  3. The combination seemed completely broken to me

For the troll my strategy was based on the the borrowdeamons. Now coupling those to Siege's feat seemed downright evil (or eviler) . For cygnar they would bring all thing trollkin lacked (mainly speed stealthhosers and hitting power at range). Also the trolls starcrossed would make the cygnar models realy realy hard to hit. I had the list all planed and only had to get one o dire troll bomber…… and it was sold out . So on the day of the of the tournament I had to get some different models and change my list about (since the lack of AOE would hurt the list otherwise). So in the haste en confusion I forgot a few things. Namely my stat cards, my dice and my range ruler. AKA all the stuff I needed to play whoops. So I had to borrow (pun intended indeed) cards from a friend and use the dice and range ruler from whoever we where facing. Now I hope did not piss our opponent s of cause after nicking their stuff we proceeded to pound each pair of them into the ground (although the second game was close) and ended up winning the tournament.4

So what did I learn that day

  1. Trolls are indeed awesome sause
  2. Pigmys are indeed evil
  3. I am Indeed a sloppy guy.5


OK that was it for the past 6 weeks now if I can pull my ass away from starcraft en work I might get around to painting those empire models and oh the dutch 40k GT is on the horizon.


Until next time

1 O well I am a lazy bum most of the time but now it was worse.

2 Damm blizzard and their addicting gameplay like wow wasn't bad enough

3 Yea he scares me two pics

4 Hell YEA

5 So I guess in hindsight I did not learn any thing